Martens lab sheds light on autophagic mechanisms


Check out this short summary of our recent research findings:Renovating the House - How Autophagy helps cells to stay in good shape

Or read the original publication: Turco E, Witt M, Abert C, Bock-Bierbaum T, Su MY, Trapannone R, Sztacho M, Danieli A , Shi X, Zaffagnini G, Gamper A, Schuschnig M, Fracchiolla D, Bernklau D , Romanov J, Hartl M, Hurley JH, Daumke O, Martens S. (2019)  FIP200 Claw Domain Binding to p62 Promotes Autophagosome Formation at Ubiquitin Condensates. Mol Cell. 2019 Apr 18;74(2):330-346.e11. PMID:  30853400