Alumni 2019

Levent BAS

Graduated in January 2019 

Project: Biochemical analysis of Atg1 kinase function using reconstitutions and semi-permeabilized cells

Kraft group

Nationality: Turkey

The Cell Signalling PhD program provides a friendly environment where you can improve your skills during your PhD degree by both being challenged and supported scientifically 


Project: The role of MEK1 signalling in haematopoietic stem cells aging




Project:Biochemical and biophysical characterisation of autophagosome formation: the Atg12–Atg5-Atg16 complex

Alumni 2018

Stefan BENKE 

graduated in January 2018 

"TRIMunity - Regulation of innate immunity by TRIM Proteins"

Versteeg group




graduated in September 2018 

"Unraveling the molecular details of membrane-mediated PKD activation"

Leonard group

The program brought together students from different fields to discuss their research. By this students gained a broader view on cell signalling which enabled them to think beyond their specific discipline.




Graduated in September 2018

"Kinase-dependent and independent roles of CDK8 in STAT-1 regulated transcription"

Kovarik group 

The program provided a great environment for research and education in Vienna and the funding of workshops and conferences opened great opportunities to gain experience abroad.



Ekaterini Platanitis

graduated in September 2018

"A revised model of interferon signaling"

Decker group


graduated in November 2018

"The role of MEK1 signaling in normal and stressed hematopoiesis"

Baccarini group

The program provided an intriguing platform for doctoral students to communicate and discuss their own science. Besides an excellent infrastructure, participants were embedded in a high qualified scientific environment covering the whole field of signaling.