Kovarik group


Nationality: Italy

With us since May 2017

Project: The Role of type I IFN signalling in immune homeostasis



Kevin Eislmayr

PhD student representative for the program

Nationality: Austria

With us since 2013

Title: IL-1 cytokines in S. pyogenes infection: new view of known players

Kraft Group

Levent BAS

The Cell Signalling PhD program provides a friendly environment where you can improve your skills during your PhD degree by both being challenged and supported scientifically

Nationality: Turkey

With us since April 2014

Project: Biochemical analysis of Atg1 kinase function using reconstitutions and semi-permeabilized cells




Nationality: Austria

With us since August 2015

Project: Molecular mechanism of Atg1 kinase and autophagy activation

Leonard Group


The program brings together students from different fields to discuss their research. By this students gain a broader view on cell signalling which enables them to think beyond their specific discipline.


Nationality: Austria

With us since September 2014

Project: Unraveling the molecular details of membrane-mediated PKD activation

Seiser group

Lena Hess

With us since May 2017

Project: Histone deacetylase 1 and 2 as immune cell regulators