Autophagy's little helper


 - How proteins mediate autophagosome-vacoule fusion!
During autophagy the cell collects, degrades and recycles unwanted cellular material. This is an important process as cellular waste is ultimately harmful to the whole organism if it accumulates in the cells. Analogous to the processing of household waste, this mechanism requires certain protagonists and elements. SMICH PhD student Levent Bas from Claudine Kraft’s group at MFPL together with colleagues has identified Ykt6 as the so far elusive protein that mediates autophagosome-vacuole fusion. The specifically for this purpose developed in vitro approach holds great potential for future research.  


Publication in JCB
Levent Bas, Daniel Papinski, Mariya Licheva, Raffaela Torggler, Sabrina Rohringer, Martina Schuschnig, Claudine Kraft: Reconstitution reveals Ykt6 as the autophagosomal SNARE in autophagosome–vacuole fusion.
DOI: 10.1083/jcb.20180402