Alumni 2018

Stefan BENKE 

Graduated in January 2018

Project: TRIMunity - Regulation of innate immunity by TRIM Proteins 

Versteeg group

Nationality: Austria




Graduated in September 2018

Project: Unraveling the molecular details of membrane-mediated PKD activation

Leonard group

Nationality: Germany 

The program brings together students from different fields to discuss their research. By this students gain a broader view on cell signalling which enables them to think beyond their specific discipline.




Graduated in September 2018

Project: Kinase-dependent and independent roles of CDK8 in STAT-1 regulated transcription

Kovarik group 

Nationality: Austria

The program provides a great environment for research and education in Vienna and the funding of workshops and conferences is a great opportunity to gain experience abroad.



Ekaterini Platanitis

graduated in September 2018

Project: A revised model of interferon signaling

Decker group