PhD program

The curriculum has a minimum duration of 3 years, an extension is possible.
The students obtain a PhD Degree conferred by the University of Vienna or by the Medical University of Vienna, depending on the affiliation of the Supervisor, and /or based on the topic of the Thesis.

The program is registered as self contained program at the Medical University of Vienna

Supervision – the PhD Thesis Committee

The main responsibility for student education and supervision rests with the principal investigator of the research group. Additionally students will be guided and monitored by a PhD Thesis committee consisting of 3 to 4 group leaders, who will help the students in planning and interpreting their work, in networking with other scientists, and in planning their future career steps.



The Program Manager helps the students with University matters, such as the acceptance of a degree, registration with the University, and all the administrative steps at the end of the Program, as well as with practical matters like obtaining a visa, finding a proper accommodation, opening bank accounts, enrolling in language courses, but also more specific needs like finding child care.


Lectures, Workshops, Seminars

Program-specific Lectures

Program-specific advanced methods Workshops

Program-specific journal clubs and work in progress seminars designed to meliorate the communication skills of the students, attended by the members of the program.

Transferable skills seminars

  • Presentation skills & academic writing
  • Ethics & good scientific practice
  • Project management
  • Patent affairs
  • Business plan development
  • Tutoring


Thesis and degree

You will summarize your scientific contributions during your PhD studies in a written thesis. This may require a significant investment of time. Supervisors will help with the quick completion of the thesis by giving feedback to written work in a timely fashion. It is important to note that certain requirements will take some time to complete so students should initiate them well in advance. 

The doctoral studies are finished with a public defense of the thesis. The thesis examination will consist of a presentation of the thesis project (about 20 minutes), followed by questions from the audience and the examiners. The discussion is supposed to take about 30 minutes and covers the thesis work and the research field.