General remarks

Please contact the program manager for guidance before you start assembling the necessary documents! Details of the graduation process are slightly different at the Universities!

There are many things to do for graduation - start preparing well in advance, check the deadlines and stick to them.

Things might take longer than originally expected - plan in some extra time.



If you receive e-mails from the SSC (UniVie study sevice center, Mag. Ernst Castellitz) read them carefully and forward them to the Program Manager.

All e-mails from the SSC will be sent to your UNET email address. Threefore do not forget to check your U:SPACE account!


If you receive e-mails from the MedUni Office for Student Affairs (Martin Janku) read them carefully and forward them to the Program Manager.



After electronic submission your thesis will be checked for plagiarism and then assigned to expert reviewers. MedUni students do not have the possibility to suggest reviewers in contrast to UniVie students. 

You need to submit bound hard copies of your thesis and all relevant forms to the University.

For your thesis defense you need to prepare a ~20min presentation of your project. After the presentation you will receive questions from the audience and the examination board, i.e. a chair and two further examiners, who were assigned by the curriculum director.