The Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) basically your personal scientific advisory board. The TAC members will monitor your progress and development and will provide advice and support to both you and your supervisor. Within the first 6 months, you will assamble a TAC consisting of 3 - 4 scientists and including:

  • your supervisor
  • a SMICH faculty member 
  • 1-2 PIs from all over the world chosen on the basis of the needs of your project.

Research Proposal

The submission of a research proposal is a requirement of the universities. It is an opportunity for you to plan and structure your research project and should also be done in the first three months of your studies. Your proposal should be at maximum 10 pages and include the following aspects:

  • description of the topic of the doctoral thesis project including a clear research question,
  • outline of the state of research,
  • illustration of the chosen research methods,
  • relevant literature,
  • choice of supervisors,
  • time and work schedule,
  • possibly financial budget and overview of resources.

The program manager will aid you in filling in the forms and ensuring that your proposal meets the requirements of the universities.

Your first presentation at the Work in Progress Seminar, scheduled app. 6 month after your start, will serve as platform for you to defend your project in front of the public and receive valuable scientific input.

The PhD student lounge for Molecular Biology offers all the forms you need. 

Committee Meetings/ Progress reports

Once a year (or upon your request even more often) you meet with your committee to discuss your progress and future plans for your project. It is the students duty to document the meeting with an annual report, which has to be signed by all TAC members and handed in at the program manager's office.