About the Program

SMICH investigates how signalling mechanisms impact homeostasis and cell fate transitions in cell-free, cell-based, and organismal systems. We are part of the Vienna BioCenter PhD program, a larger multidisciplinary Graduate School of the University of Vienna and the Medical University of Vienna. We are the first graduate school in Austria to award a joint degree in Molecular Biosciences from both universities.

Cutting-edge Science

Challenging projects designed to obtain a mechanistic understanding of fundamental biological processes.

Structured Curriculum

Structured training and scientific, administrative and social support.

Stimulating Enviroment

The Vienna BioCenter - a vibrant science hub for more than 1800 scientists from 70 countries, with state-of-the-art facilities & an open scientific culture.


To transition to a different fate, cells need to break homeostasis and implement radical changes in their expression pattern. We want to know how they do it.

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„The Shape of Things to Come“
Eine Mixed Reality Ausstellung von & mit dem großartigen @MencheLab @MaxPerutzLabs @univienna

Von Biologie zu Mathematik, Informatik und Digitaler Kunst. #sciencemeetsart #Wisskomm

Sept 15-17, Vienna BioCenter, 1030
Link: https://whatevr.xyz/

Excited to share our latest prep-print by @sarascini and the labs of @clausen_lab, Pavel Kovarik, and @johannes_zuber! Check out how the E3 ligase HUWE1 controls the proteasomal degradation of one of the main negative regulators of inflammation, TTP. https://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2022.08.29.505645v1