SMICH workshop “Advanced confocal laser scanning microscopy and live cell imaging”

20.-24. February 2023

This workshop is held by Josef Gotzmann, Irmgard Fischer, Thomas Peterbauer, Christa Walther and Shotaro Otsuka. It gives a detailed introduction to the principles of optics and physics underlying modern microscopy and the handling of different microscopes. Contrasting techniques and protocols and tools for fluorescence microscopy and live imaging (including FRAP and FRET) are discussed. The workshop provides state-of-the-art training in the use of microscopes (conventional, laser scanning confocal, live cell imaging, epifluorescence and microdissection). Shotaro Otsuka will offer an overview on correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM) as part of the workshop. Irmgard Fischer will introduce microscopy techniques for histology. Thomas Peterbauer will instruct students on a variety of advanced light microscopy techniques (confocal, spinning disc, SIM, STED). Josef Gotzmann will organize the course, give two lectures on microscopy application potential and will assist with microscope instructions.

It likely will be a two day course somewhen between the 20.-23. of February 2023, the exact date will be announced earlier to that date.



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